Where will your journey take the world?

Here at the 网投比较靠谱的大平台, you'll master your fields of study, make lifelong friends, explore an environment like no other and contribute to research that will change lives everywhere.



We'll guide you through it, step by step.

招生 counselors can answer


From accounting to Yup’ik language and culture.

There’s a program for you here, and myriad minors, majors, degrees and certificates 等着你去挣. Perform research alongside academic powerhouses. 发现并探索 你在艺术上的声音. Make even more of your military service. 这就是你的 智慧之旅变得美好:

A UAF research assistant professor collecting snow samples.
A group of UAF students pose outside the Wood Center


As you meet unique people across this landscape, you’ll learn to see everything differently.


Not everyone’s support system looks the same. 你可能是家人或朋友. 它可能 not look anything like your classmate’s support system either, and that’s OK. 这是 why UAF provides students — and their support systems — with what’s needed for success.

UAF 学生 gather at a picnic table outside the Wood Center on the 费尔班克斯 Troth Yeddha' campus



Wilderness surrounds 费尔班克斯, yet highways, airlines, fiber and satellites firmly 把它和世界连接起来. So you can attend and earn your degree online from anywhere.

In 费尔班克斯, you’ll find the Troth Yeddha’ Campus, the UAF Community and Technical College and the Interior Alaska Campus. Beyond, regional campuses serve Kotzebue, 伯特利,诺姆和迪林厄姆. 研究 sites can take you to Kodiak in the south, Juneau in the east and Toolik Lake above the Arctic Circle.

Static graphic map of Alaska showing UAF campus locations



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  • A young child stands back to camera looking up at a museum display of taxidermied Arctic animals including a polar bear and seals.

    November museum programs explore life in the Arctic


    家庭 programs at the University of Alaska Museum of the North will explore life in the Arctic during November.

  • Home-canned jars of fruit and vegetables.

    One-day food preservation class planned in Homer


    Learn to preserve meat and vegetables in jars safely during a one-day class in Homer. Participants will learn how to heat-process low-acid food in jars; use and care for a pressure canner; prepare meat, fish and vegetables to place in jars; and make stock and soup.




We acknowledge the Alaska Native nations on whose ancestral lands our campuses reside.
In 费尔班克斯, our Troth Yeddha’ campus is located on the ancestral lands
of the Dena people of the lower Tanana River.